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Art Update – An NPC!

We’ve been working on mostly buildings so far, but Rob is starting to implement NPCs and asked if we could switch gears and give him one to work with. So Eddie took a break from constructing buildings to create an NPC. So now I’d like to introduce Farmer Banjo (both name and art courtesy of Eddie), our first fully fleshed out and animated NPC.


Above is how the farmers in the game will look as they go about the business of growing food to sustain hungry miners and prospectors. They’ll walk to and from work and then they’ll transport the fruits of their labors to the various manufacturers and processors that need it.

They’ll also be working on their farms – tending to wheat and barley, pruning fruit orchards and olive groves and herding livestock. Those animations are coming in a later phase. We’re looking forward to putting Banjo and his friends to work soon!