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Rob’s Upcoming Panel at GDC Next

Rob will be joining some other former triple A devs that have started their own game studios at GDC Next in Los Angeles in November.

Recently on Gamasutra:

Lastly, in the panel ‘Going from AAA to Indie: New Studio Founders Share Their Experiences,’ several new studio founders will discuss the business and product side of independent game development, starting with several key decisions new studios face (business models, seeking funding, targeting platforms) and then examining emerging trends in the industry and how they’ll affect new indies.

The panel of triple-A-veterans-turned-indies will include Robert Zubek (from Zynga to SomaSim), Paul Tozour (from Retro Studios and Microsoft Game Studios to Intelligence Engine Design Systems), Borut Pfeifer (from Sony Online and EA to Plush Apocalypse Productions), Thor Alexander (from Zynga and EA to Lucky Puppy), and Damian Isla (from Bungie to Moonshot Games).

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