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Rob’s Interview with about Going Indie

Rob recently joined fellow GDC Next panelists Damian Isla, Thor Alexander and Borut Pfeifer in an interview with In the interview, they discussed the transition from AAA studio to starting their own indie shops.

Read the full interview here.

In advance of the inaugural GDC Next, taking place November 5-7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, GamesIndustry International caught up with several developers who’ve recently left AAA to go indie. In this special roundtable, Thor Alexander (Lucky Puppy), Damian Isla (Moonshot Games), Borut Pfeifer (Plush Apocalypse Productions) and Robert Zubek (SomaSim Games) all weigh in on the experience of going indie. These veteran devs will continue the discussion in a panel at GDC Next, where they intend to share advice about adapting to the quickly evolving games market and what challenges and opportunities the industry will hold in the future for indies.