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1849 Early Access Update 1: The Way to San Jose

We’ve released our first content update to 1849’s early access. If you have the early access version of the game, the main menu will let you know that updates are available. If you don’t have the early access version, it’s available at IndieGameStand.

Here’s what we’ve added:

  • Five new scenarios: You can stock up on food and drink in San Jose, dig for gold with the jumping frogs of Calaveras County, head into the unknown northern Sierra Nevada in search of a new claim, embrace the good life by making fine wine in the Napa Valley, and join the otters searching for sardines in Monterey Bay.
  • Break out the headphones and turn up the speakers because we’ve added the first few tracks to 1849’s soundtrack! Just be warned – the tracks may get stuck in your head.
  • No more windowing. Full screen mode is now available.
  • Wandering peeps. You’ll now see a lot less of our friend the farmer. Houses now generate all types of NPCs and there’s a surprise new one in the game.
  • Trade UI updates. Many of you have asked for it, and now it’s here. When you open the trade menu, you’ll now be able to see the amount of inventory you’ve got in storage right there in the menu. No more clicking back and forth.

We’ve made some other changes here and there. And for the profoundly curious, you can check out the release notes on the forum. Now it’s back to work getting ready for our next update in three weeks. We’re planning on five more scenarios, sound effects and a maybe a few more surprise updates!

We’re also on Steam Greenlight!
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