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1849 Early Access Update 3 – San Francisco and Sandboxes

We’ve released our third content update to 1849’s early access. If you have the early access version of the game, the main menu will let you know that updates are available.

Here’s what’s new in this version of the game:


  • Sandbox mode has arrived. You can build a city anywhere you’d like on the map that’s not in the Pacific Ocean. You’ll get a procedurally-generated map based on your location that is adjusted for terrain (mountains, plains, foothills, etc.), precipitation, resource availability, and starting lot size. Some quests will be thrown your way, but other than that, it’s up to you to build your dream California Gold Rush city.
  • Trees and rocks where there were not trees and rocks. We’ve added obstacles to most of the maps. They’ll require you to spend some resources to clear out of your way, but they’ll also provide you with bonus resources. And if your city is on the ocean or a bay, there’s a coastline now.
  • And welcome to the final 5 city scenarios. In addition to the previous 15, you can now build a northern nexus of trade in Colusa, exploit the richness of California’s agricultural bounty in Woodland, strike out into the far north in Oroville, dig for black gold in Mariposa and then show off all of your wealth by turning San Francisco into a city of manufacturing and mansions.
  • We’ve also made numerous interface changes and some edits to existing scenarios. You can read full release notes on our forum.

For the next few weeks, we’re getting 1849 all dressed up for it’s May 8 debut, so please continue to share your feedback and report any bugs either by sending them directly to me or by posting them in the beta section of our forum.

You can still join us in the early access beta if you haven’t!