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Welcome to Nevada

Since 1849 launched back in May, we’ve been working on a few things and one of them is a pretty big expansion for 1849. So today we’d like to introduce everyone to 1849: Nevada Silver.

1849: Nevada Silver will be set during the Comstock Lode, the great silver rush that swept over Nevada after the California Gold Rush. During the Comstock, mining in the Old West went industrial. Gone are prospectors with pans in wild rivers, replaced by teams of men working deep underground extracting tons and tons of ore to be refined into silver and gold.


As you can see in that there screenshot, some new things are in store for Nevada. There’s the iron horse – we’ve added trains and an entirely new trading system. And six new scenarios introduce new resources and buildings.

A few other surprises await in Nevada. We’ll have more details on its release and a call for some beta-testing help in a couple of weeks.