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1849: Nevada Silver is Now Available


Today marks the release of 1849’s first expansion pack. So grab your pickaxe and mosey on over to the Comstock Lode where new fortune awaits in 1849: Nevada Silver.


Here’s some of what’s new in Nevada:

  1. Six new cities/scenarios! They should be pretty challenging – especially the last three once you’ve picked up the basics in the first couple of cities.
  2. There are trains! Now you’ll have to work with trains and their schedules for the delivery of crucial raw materials. The trading system in Nevada is completely redone and you can have some trades repeat as long as you have the cash or resources on hand when the train arrives.
  3. New resources and buildings have been added. Some of the buildings will require you to commit resources to their construction before you can use them. And this being Nevada, there’s a casino.
  4. The last two levels have landmark buildings to construct – the Virginia & Truckee Railroad in Virginia City and the Nevada State Capitol in Carson City.
  5. And a few other surprises await you in the Comstock Lode of Nevada…

Visit the 1849: Nevada Silver webpage to read more about the expansion pack and to find out where you can buy it.