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Introducing Office Workers

We’d like to introduce some of the people that will populate the skyscrapers in Project Highrise.

Who are they?
Who is going to be occupying your building? What will they be doing? Those are two of the first questions that you, as the building architect, developer, and manager will have to answer in Project Highrise.

Residential towers are very different creatures from an office block. And a resort tower filled with hotel rooms is unlike either of those. If your challenge is to create a mixed use building, how will you balance the conflicting needs and desires of your two distinct population groups?

Your building will be full of people – there could be hundreds (we’re working on thousands) moving about your building, coming and going, eating and shopping, living and working. Each one of those people will have their own experiences. By and large your success as a developer and manager depends on making sure that those experiences are positive.

So, let’s meet a few of them.

If you’re creating a building to attract Class A office space, here’s your target audience:


They’re going to be coming to work every day in your tower. And office workers are creatures of habit and routine. Ensure that cafes are open in the morning, the food court has enough restaurants and that elevators and escalators are all running smoothly. Oh, and they hate waiting, too. If your cafes start to get crowded, you can be certain that you will hear about it from them.

They will also have different preferences for where they work. Some offices will want to be in high-traffic areas, near elevators or toward the ground floors. Others will want just the opposite – a quiet corner office far from the crowds and above all the traffic noise.

Will they all look like that?
Yes and no. The game will have every skin tone natural to the human race. And maybe some hair colors that aren’t. Clothing will also change color. There are male and female versions of every character in the game.

In addition to walking around the building, they’ll also have a bunch of other actions such as working at their desks or getting irritated when the line at their favorite sushi place is too long.

We’ll be introducing you to more building occupants as the months go by.