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Project Highrise – Architect’s Notes for July 8, 2016

“Your living space is not defined by your real needs. It is defined by your economic situation.”
– John Macsai

This week is all about a residential tower. We’re working on tuning the scenario mode of the game and this is the result of a partial play through of one of the apartment building scenarios. Clicking on any of these images will open a giant version in a new tab. Enjoy!

First let’s start with a zoomed out view of the entire tower at night.


If you click on the larger version, you’ll notice one of the main things that differentiates an apartment building from an office building – there are people in it at night! Let’s get a bit closer on some of them in the early evening.


This is mid-evening in some of the building’s studio and one-bedroom units. We’ve got residents making dinner, relaxing and of course spying on the neighbors across the street. Let’s go forward in time a bit and upward in the tower.


Here it’s the middle of the night. Most people are already in bed and the few night owls that stayed up too late are also turning in.


And now it’s a beautiful morning. Residents are heading out for another day at the office while those that work in the building are arriving.