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Update Highlights – 1.0.4 and 1.0.5

Since we’ve now done two pretty big updates, we thought it would be good to share what’s gone into them. So if you’re up and running version 1.0.5, here are some of the highlights without boring you with the boring bug fixes. But you’re welcome to keep up with the current, detailed release notes here.


  • Added a new graphics option to customize heatmap colors, for players with color blindness
    Thank you to those who brought it to our attention, hopefully this helps make the game more accessible to everyone.
  • Added a hint mouseover that displays what a tenant is going to need after they moved in, but before they start demanding it (see an icon “i”, next to tenant’s satisfaction smiley)
    Hopefully this helps you build things to keep your tenants happy and be more pro-active landlords!
  • Retuned worker and resident NPCs to patronize retail stores much more than they used to
  • Retuned retail store revenues and limits, to account for the change in customer base
  • Retuned restaurants and retail to be more sensitive to not generating enough profit
    Those three should get rid of the stores that never make money and contribute to having some better balanced game play in the stores and restaurants – but this was a BIG balancing change and involved some AI and behavior modifications, so please let us know if you see anything out of the ordinary here.
  • Enabled Steam Cloud syncing
  • Added UI scaling below 100% (for displays smaller than 720p)
  • Retuned higher-level tenants to make fewer service calls
    Hopefully this is better – but we’re still looking to optimize this further – especially for larger towers, so stay “tuned”.
  • Initial construction office can now be removed, and placed elsewhere (it shows up in the infrastructure build menu after bulldozing)

As for some of the larger bugs that were fixed that might directly impact your games:

  • Fixed incorrect logging of “I can’t get to where I need to go” feedback
    If you see lots of these showing up – like dozens of them – please let us know
  • Fixed a bug where the budget popup would show up twice in a row, give double revenue (This should also fix restaurants + retail incorrectly showing “0 customers yesterday”)
    This is something we’re pretty sure is fixed. But it was kind of a difficult bug to reproduce. If you see it happen post 1.0.5, please let us know!
  • Fixed the “+1 construction worker” upgrade getting undone if the player bulldozed and rebuilt the expanded construction office
  • Services will no longer consider themselves “overloaded” if only a small number of service calls (<= 3) were not fulfilled
  • Fixed arrow keys so that they behave exactly like WASD, +/- behave like Q/E
  • Fixed a problem with media campaign “Call in a Favor” not unlocking an extra contract

And the full release notes live here if you missed them or want to read them again.