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Announcing Building Amenities

It’s hard to believe, but Project Highrise has been out for over a month! Thank you again to everyone who has bought, played and participated in discussions. It’s been a great few weeks!


Since release, we’ve done quite a few updates to fix the bugs and address some tuning/balance issues that we found after release. (A full history of release notes lives here). But we’ve also been working on new stuff to adorn and improve your skyscrapers. The first batch of new items is now available and here some details!


  • Vending machines are small additions that will help make your residents happy. It gives them a place to take a quick break and escape from their desks for a few minutes. If there is a vending machine on the same floor, chances are that at break time, you’ll see some office workers head over to grab a snack.
  • Pay phones provide a place for office and apartment dwellers to converse privately in public. Look for them to head there when they need a break to phone home or to make a call away from prying eyes. Since privacy requires some soundproofing, these will also cut the spread of noises a bit as well. Like vending machines, residents will only go to pay phones located on the floor where they live or work.
  • Shoe shine stations help residents keep their fancy footwear in top form. They’ll visit them during break-time or free time if they are located on the same floor as their office or apartment.
  • Common areas are relaxing oases from the rigors of urban life. Residents will seek them out during off hours for a few calm moments. They also slightly reduce the spread of noises and smells.
  • Custodial supply rooms and broom closets help reduce wear and tear and cut down grime. As your building grows, you’ll be able to unlock a supply room that will allow you to place up to three broom closets. If a broom closet is built, grime will accumulate much more slowly for tenants on the same floor as the broom closet. Gaining more prestige will grant you access to more supply rooms and allow placement of more broom closets. Since you are only able to build a few of these, make sure that you place them on high-traffic floors or areas that quickly accumulate grime!