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Time for Skybridges!

We’ve just released the latest update to Project Highrise that we’ve dubbed “Petronas Towers”. Why, you may ask? Halfway up the twin spires of Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur is their most striking feature aside from their great height – a skybridge connecting them. Now, in Project Highrise, you can start on your very own version of that Malaysian masterpiece by doing something like this:


Another new feature that accompanied skybridges in the recent update are cantilevered floors. Now you can build out up to four tiles out from the edge of your building.


If you want to decorate your building for fall or Halloween, we added a few (spooky) seasonal decorations to haunt your hallways and liven up your lobbies.


The other piece of big news since our last update is the full Russian translation translation of Project Highrise is now available.


We’ve updated and changed a few other things and fixed some more outstanding bugs and balance issues. If you’re interested, you can view our full release notes here.

If you’ve been enjoying Project Highrise, we’d be very grateful if you could leave a review of the game on our Steam or store pages. We’re still working hard on Project Highrise, so stay tuned. If you haven’t signed up for the SomaSim Newsletter, you can do that here to learn about updates like this one and news about our studio.