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Brilliant Berlin now available with Japanese and Traditional Chinese translations

Willkommen in Berlin!

The latest content pack for Project Highrise – Brilliant Berlin – is now available! You’ll be challenged to adapt and keep up with the diverse needs of this thriving global city. To succeed in Berlin, you will need to build towers brimming with art, amenities, and elegance to lure in discerning tenants.

Some features of Brilliant Berlin:

  • New offices and apartments you’ll create office space to accommodate a wide spectrum of Berlin’s diverse and expanding economy and apartments specially designed for families and children.
  • New consultant offices that expand the impact of your influence and consultants with new art museums, political offices, union halls and tourist centers.
  • New restaurants and lobbies New German restaurants coupled with sleek art-deco lobbies and artworks will firmly establish your building’s Berlin bona fides.
  • In addition, we’ve added new rooftop decorations that are available to everyone!
  • … and lots more new features to bolster your newly Brilliant Berlin skyscrapers.


こんにちは!/ 你好!
We’ve added full Japanese and Traditional Chinese language support for the desktop version of Project Highrise. We can’t wait to see what our new  players will create as they build skyward!

Full release notes for version 1.6.0 including the new content pack can be viewed here: