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City of Gangsters – Spring Update

In today’s update we’ll talk about the latest game news and videos, the conclusion of closed beta, and game store news!

Conclusion of Closed Beta

Thank you all for your great interest in the private beta call for players! We’ve been amazed at the response. And we really wish we could send an invite to everybody who applied, but the numbers were just out of this world. 🙂

But for everybody who didn’t get to check out the beta, we have good news! There might be a chance to play the game before its release. We’re still working out the details.

We’ll be posting more info in a few weeks – and if you want to get an update, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, or follow the game on Steam, we’ll be sure to post much more info once we have it!

New Updates and Videos

If you’d like to learn more about the gameplay, we started doing regular updates on Steam – you can check out the first two here:

We also have a few more videos up! First, a new feature video, “Episode 4: Cops and Conflict”, in which we look at what to do when you start feeling the heat – and how to deal with antagonists from corner hooligans to rival outfits. (Full playlist here.)

Second, how about a video devlog on the same topic? In this one we show a little bit more about how cops and outfits work when playing against them. (Full playlist of video devlogs here.)

Steam and GOG

Finally, we’re happy to announce we’ll be shipping on GOG as well as Steam! Whether you prefer one launcher or the other, or whether you care about DRM, we’ve got you covered.

City of Gangsters on GOG:

City of Gangsters on Steam:

That’s it for the latest updates! And as always, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow the game on Steam to get all our latest news as they happen.