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City of Gangsters launches August 9 – pre-orders now available!

City of Gangsters is now available to pre-order on Steam! Those buying the game before it launches on August 9 will get a 15% discount off of the game’s $29.99 price.

The core game contains three procedurally-generated scenarios: Chicago, Detroit and Pittsburgh. Each map is different, and provides its own specific challenges, geography, and unique resource profiles – and each can be re-rolled and replayed in a wide variety of styles.

On top of that, if you buy before the game launches, we’re adding two extras.

First, is a pre-order bonus. In addition to a 15% discount, pre-ordering will also get you this limited edition content:

  • An exclusive new car for your outfit’s boss
  • Extra options for the character portrait generator
  • A unique in-game portrait frame for your crew’s boss

Second is the Deluxe Edition! It includes the Bourbon Bootlegging DLC with an entirely new city map – Cincinnati. With loads and loads of famous Kentucky Bourbon to acquire, manufacture and sell, Cincinnati’s streets are teeming with new opportunities. With local resources to acquire and produce, skills to learn, additional missions to take on and lots more, will you be able to take over the Queen City and create a whiskey empire on the banks of the mighty Ohio River?

Want to try it out? A playable demo is now available during the Steam Next Fest from June 16-22, 2021.