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Announcing City of Gangsters: Criminal Record

Coming March 2022
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Hey everyone, since our last post we’ve been hard at work on some new mechanics and content for City of Gangsters, and today we’re announcing the impending arrival of Roles and Schemes in the main game!

These new systems will be released in free update 1.3, arriving in early March. You will be able to specialize your captains into specific roles, gain access to a variety of new abilities and actions, which we’re calling schemes, and inspect your entire outfit in a new organization chart.

Along with version 1.3, we will be launching a new DLC which extends these new mechanics! Unfolding in the streets of Philadelphia, City of Gangsters: Criminal Record will not only add more roles and schemes, but also provide a new city map, with a fascinating novel starting condition, and a brand new view of “Your Office” where you will collect mementos of your various criminal deeds and exploits.

The times have changed

Captain roles let you specialize your crew further. Your new and improved outfits will be more diverse and adaptable with their own distinct hierarchy and feel. Once a crew member gains enough experience and ascends to captain level, they’ll have the opportunity to work towards an advanced role such as:

  • Enforcer
  • Intimidator
  • Jailbird
  • Lookout
  • Mouthpiece
  • Closer
  • Accountant

Attaining a specialized role requires very specific experience and expertise, which differs from role to role. For example, to become an enforcer, a candidate must have been successful at a number of combat and enforcement operations in the past, in addition to attaining the rank of a captain. And remember, a captain can only have one role, so choose wisely!

The less I say the more my work gets done

These roles in turn unlock role-specific abilities. As your gang moves through the 1920s, you will discover that your new captains will develop ideas for their own personal schemes. Maybe they will want to stage a bank robbery or blackmail a local crooked cop, based on their prior experience.

Schemes are elaborate illicit activities that unfold over a number of stages, and each stage has a number of different options and potential consequences. Will you be able to leverage the scheme to your long-term advantage? Or will your captain fall prey to their own ambitions, the law, or your rivals?

Philadelphia freedom

Beyond update 1.3, the Criminal Record DLC will bring extra roles and schemes into the game, along with some new content. It also unlocks the city of Philadelphia, with a unique starting condition that is sure to be incredibly profitable. And no matter which city you pick, you will now be able to set up an office, in a country lodge or in a downtown penthouse, and it will fill up over time with spoils of victory and mementos of your escapades.

Shine the light

We can’t wait for you to dig into these new mechanics, and develop your crew into a highly specialized criminal machine! We’ll be back soon with another update to break down the new systems and discuss the additions in City of Gangsters: Criminal Record, so take care of yourselves until then!