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City of Gangsters: Criminal Record and 1.3 Update Now Available

Ready to expand your criminal empire with a whole new host of abilities and activities? Then good news – City of Gangsters: Criminal Record and the free 1.3 update are now available!

As your captains work to grow your empire, they’ll pick up their own, unique experiences. You can now use that experience to elevate them to a new Role in your crew. Once they’re in a role, they’ll be able to start their own Schemes – ongoing activities that will give you an opportunity to make some big scores. You’ll use the new organization chart to see each crew member and Captain and their progress toward a Role.

Each Role also comes with unique abilities. For example, Intimidators can help you discover what rival gangs are storing in their hideouts, while Accountants will help you purchase buildings at cheaper rates. All Captains are eligible for promotion into a Role and you can have several of the same Role.

Based on their experience and Role, your promoted Captains will have some ideas of their own that they’ll want to pitch to you as the Boss. Once you agree to one of their cunning Schemes – and after some investment on your part – they’ll get down to business.

The 1.3 update includes two Roles and Schemes while the Criminal Record DLC unlocks a further five Roles and even more Schemes. In addition, the Criminal Record DLC includes the Philadelphia city map with new a new type of homemade booze and a special starting condition – a second crew member who is already a Captain at the start of the game!

Once you get going in Philadelphia with the DLC, you’ll also have a new way to show off what you and your outfit have accomplished during Prohibition! As your wealth grows, the time will come to set up Your Office. You’ll have to decide between a secluded woodland lodge or glitzy penthouse where you’ll stash trophies and rewards from your criminal escapades.

We can’t wait to see how your criminal empire grows in Philadelphia!